Thursday, February 26, 2009

Discipline change

We all know that Rafael Nadal loves football nearly as much as tennis. What's more he is a huge fan of Real Madrid (we would prefer him to be FC Barcelona fan). Having some time off, Nadal traveled yestarday to Madrid and went to see Real vs Liverpool on Santiago Bernabeu.

The match was a nice spectacle, however it was Liverpool who eventually won by one goal.

“I’m simply one more fan, but I have to say that I saw them playing often from the back, it was real hard for them to come forward. It’s a pity that with the one chance (Liverpool) had, they scored. In their next match they have to go out there and believe in victory. They have to go to Liverpool with their hearts full” - said Rafael Nadal.

In other words Rafa could say: Real has to play the rematch like I play tennis :)


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