Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hewitt in legal fight with Octagon

This has been a week to forget for Lleyton Hewitt. The former world No.1 is struggling on court, losing to Yen-Hsun Lu on his birthday, and outside off it he's also facing problems. Octagon, his former managment company, is about to sue the Aussie.

"You wanna screw with me? Just try me!"

Hewitt is accused of breaching the Trade Practices Act, reneging on agreements and breaching exclusive contracts. The two time Grand Slam champion fought back with claims against U.S.-based Octagon Inc of misleading and deceptive conduct, unjust enrichment and management incompetence.

In the years 2005-2006 the Aussie is said to have earned $6,75 million from endorsments and tournament guarantee's. New Idea magazine paid Hewitt $84,000, Nike $3.5 million, Yonex racquets $2.3 million and Optus $130,000, it is claimed. He received $330,000 from endorsing tennis games for two video companies. Tournament organisers in Sydney, Adelaide and London paid him $340,000 just to turn up.

"If they ask me in court, I'll show them!"

Octagon is suing the former world No.1 and Llyeton Hewitt Managment claiming they should've get a bigger slice of his earnings since 2000 onwards. The sued once claim, they have ended their work with Octagon in 2004.


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