Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Injury or what?

There have been some talks the last few days about Roger Federer's injury that caused him to withdraw from Dubai and Davis Cup. Is it really an injury or just a precaution?

"I want to make this clear: Roger is not injured. What we are doing is purely precautionary. We will be training in Dubai for the next two weeks." said Federer's physical trainer Pierre Paganini.

Meanwhile, Swiss Davis Cup coach Severin Luthi stated: "People who think that Roger is faking an injury don't know anything. He really wanted to show himself in Davis Cup this year."

Did Federer really wanted to show himself in Birmingham for a Davis Cup clash against U.S.A.?
We are not sure about it. Instead of flying to the States he attended the Players Party in Dubai.

Here are some of the pictures from this nice event:

Roger looks really good on those pictures. No signs of the injury ;)

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