Friday, January 23, 2009

Dellacqua strikes back

After a fantastic run to the fourth round at last year's Australian Open, Casey Dellacqua couldn't keep up this sort of success this year in Melbourne. The world No.57 lost to last year's semifinalist Daniela Hantuchova in two tight sets 7/6(11) 6/4. It didn't take long for critisizing voices to be raised about the Aussie's performance. Llyeton Hewitt's former coach, Roger Rasheed thought he knew the reason for the loss...

"She may have had some injuries - she's had a shoulder (problem) - but that doesn't actually stop you from getting into real tip-top shape," Rasheed said.

"If I'm a girl and I've broken into the world of tennis and I've made $500,000 for the year, wouldn't I just try and get into the most perfect nick I could to actually excel?"

Rasheed went even further explaining to the Melbourne radio station 3AW he was surprised female players can play with "excess baggage".

It didn't take long for Casey to respond to Gael Monfils' new mentor.

"I have never met Roger Rasheed. He does not know me or my tennis. He does not know my training techniques, my background or my personality. He has no idea about my training program, my fitness level or my injury history. He has never bothered to even introduce himself, let alone offer advice on any aspects of my tennis. If his comments have been reported accurately and in context, I find it both amazing and totally self-serving that he now chooses to share his ill-informed analysis with the Australian public. He is in the media and knows that what he says during the Australian Open will get very widely reported." said Dellacqua.

Yeah Roger - this is what you get if you tell a woman she's carrying a little bit too many pounds... :P


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