Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ok, we -The Argwus Team - admit it - we are Poles (riiiight, like U wouldn't already have recognized that for all the grammar mistakes we make :P). Hooowever...

We are real patriots and that's why we fully support our Polish players (riiiight, like U wouldn't have sensed it either :P) . Hooowever...

We decided to dedicate this post to our best polish doubles team (not that someone's dead or something) - Mariusz Fyrstenberg & Marcin Matkowski. We wanted to show some gratitude towards them for the way they represnt our country and thought there are several things we wanted them to know.

Here is a list of things we wanna thank the guys for:

* Thanks for mentioning the existance of ARGWUS on your BLOG. It was a really nice gesture and we really appreciate it!

* Thanks for the great autumns. After a whole year of slumping (with the exception of three tournaments: Barcelona, Warsaw/Sopot, New Haven) you always seem to come back from behind and finish the season with a flurish.

* Thanks for all the heartattacks you're giving us during your matches. We just "love" to look at the live-score and see you getting broken after a 40/0 lead. We really get gray hair quicker than our peers.

* Special thanks to Marcin, who probably is the only player on earth who had the hardihood to say "No!" to John McEnroe, after Big Mac asked him to practice with him.
Yeah John, who's the real star right here, huh?

* Special thanks to Mariusz, who according to Dmitry Tursunov is the nicest guy on Tour. Well, if Dima says so, it must be true or at least a pretty good joke ;p

* Thanks for all the funny stories we get to read on your blog. Reading all of this makes us really feel like we are taking part in your lives and brings us closer not only to you, but to the world of professional tennis.

* Thanks for the win at the Masters Series event in Madrid. You really proved you can take on the greatest doubles teams, kick some ass and be big-time players yourself.

* Special thanks from polish umpires, who are always proud to explain in Doha how to pronounce your names. Like "Fyshafbaiusbfiauberg''

Here you can watch a short film with the guys talking about how they met. If you don't understand Polish language, you get the full story translated in HERE.


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