Friday, January 23, 2009

Image ist alles

What are tennis stars doing in their off-time, when they don't play matches and don't practice?
Right - they work on their image.

During the Australian Open we already saw Lu Yen-Hsun being portatrayed (HERE), Evgeny Korolev go surfing (HERE) and Caroline Wozniacki ride a Harley Davidson (HERE).

Now it was time for two others to do some fun image-work.

Fernando Verdasco tried to melt down all the people's hearts playing with a penguin at Melbourne Aquarium. You sense he didn't want to get trashed by the public opinion and take all the fault for his break-up with Ana Ivanovic, so he decided to play the nice guy
Well, you have to give him some credit - he may have achieved his goal (thanks to the cute penguin)

Our Little Miss Sunshine Nadia Petrova also has to do some image-restoring. Thankfully she too had some tricks in the store. Wanting to get rid off the image of being a cold woman without any emotions, the Russian went to the Brighton Beach and played with some kids.
An honest smile on her face really suits Nadia. We definitely would like to see more of it - especially on the tennis court!

Well, quoting Rafa - "Who's next?"


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