Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I want your money back!

Marat Safin, who is still alive in Paris Masters 1000 after saving 3 match points in his first round victory over Thierry Ascione, criticised Andre Agassi. Playing his last tournament of his career, Marat insisted that Agassi should give money back to ATP...

"OK, so he feels guilty? Then he should give back his titles, his money and his Grand Slams. If he's about fair play, he should go all the way. You know, the ATP have a bank account, he can pay them back if he wants to." said Safin.

"I guess I have to retire and then after a few years I'll write an autobiography with some confessions." he joked.


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Brad Green - Racket Barn said...

When Safin brings out an autobiography the confessions part will be 400 pages long. He was widely known for bringing two women or more with him to tournaments. He very much liked the 'party boy' image.