Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dokic swimming in debts

Jelena Dokic has been filling the headlines over the last week for her amazing comeback to professional tennis. After reaching the fourth round of the Australian Open by beating two top 20 players (world No.18 Anna Chakvetadze and No.12 Caroline Wozniacki) the Aussie made headlines once again, but this time for very different reasons. She has been accused by the family of a dead drug trafficker to be owing them $60,000.

"shit, I've kinda forgotten"

John Anthony Giannarelli pleaded guilty in the Victorian County Court in 2007 to importing 34,310 pseudoephedrine tablets from Malaysia. He was sentenced, but because he had cancer, Judge Davey imposed a three-year suspended sentence and a $55,000 fine.

Giannarelli, who died late last year, took on her management duties and allegedly paid for Dokic and her Croatian boyfriend to live for months in a high-rise Melbourne apartment. He also allegedly footed the bill for meals, massages, transport and the services of dietitians and an acupuncturist.

Giannarelli's uncle, Max Novelli, yesterday claimed Dokic had an agreement with Giannarelli to repay him $60,000 once her career was back on track.

"She arrived out here broken and penniless and Johnny was the one who took the punt on Jelena," said friend Glen Schirmer, who worked as Dokic's dietitian at Giannarelli's request. "At his own expense he housed, fed and trained both her and her boyfriend for months.

"He said he knew that one day he'd get the money back from her. He liked her and he thought she deserved a second shot at it. He felt really sorry for her and they became very, very close."

"He attempted at his expense to get management ... John believed in her. And remember, he was dying at this time."

Well, now Miss Dokic, is this the truth? Will you have to pay the money back to the dead man's family?
Whatcha gonna do, huh?


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