Monday, April 28, 2008

Djokovic criticizes british players

Current Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic accused british players of being spoiled (with the exception of Andy Murray). Nole sees the problem lying in the mentality of the players, saying they have everything on the plate.

"I don't know if I should use the expression 'spoiled', but in the UK a lot of kids are a little bit spoiled because of all the conditions they have... and they don't work hard enough." - Djoko told the BBC.
"If you have perfect conditions and everything you want, you get a little bit spoiled and then you don't want to work as hard as you're supposed to. You don't have the hunger for success because you have everything on the plate. You still have a lot of potential. You just have to find the right moment and change the mentality of the coaches and the kids."

The only british player, who Djokovic wouldn;pt call spoiled at all is Andy Murray, who has been developing outside of the british system. The Serb sees Murray as a top 5 player

"He has enough quality, enough talent, and enough potential to be a top-five player, and everybody expects him to do that. But obviously he has so much pressure on him because Great Britain needs a champion, badly, and a Wimbledon champion especially, so they expect him to do that in the next couple of years, and obviously that creates some pressure."

"But, throughout his entire career, he's been mentally a very strong player, so I can expect that he's going to come fast to the top five."

Asked whether Murray was a future Wimbledon champion, Djokovic simply replied: "Yes."


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