Monday, March 3, 2008

How Tzipora Obziler became a mother

If you're asking yourself "when the heck did this happen???", the answer is "a month after Wimbledon last June."
If you're wondering "hey, didn't she lose a three-setter in the 1st round to the eventual first-time quarterfinalist Michaella Krajicek back then???", the answer is "yes, she also played the whole build-up the US Open!"

How is all this possible?

See, the thing is - it was not Tzipora Obziler who gave birth, but Hadas, her partner of 13 years. As far as Obziler is concerned, she has always been as much Lihi’s mother as Hadas. But it is only now, following a ruling by the Israeli Supreme Court, that she can be officially recognised as Lihi’s parent.

The court ruled in December that the Interior Ministry must register a biological mother’s female partner as a child’s second parent. According to the pressure group New Family: Organisation for Family Rights, there are an estimated 2,000 Israeli lesbian couples raising children together in Israel. Obziler is one of 30 lesbians to have begun the registration process.

Tzipi is now one of only three mother's, who are ranked in the TOP 150 in the WTA Rankings.


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