Friday, February 8, 2008

Sharapova's beloved one!

During a recent press conference, while in Israel playing for the Russian Fed Cup team, one of the reporters was persistently asking Maria Sharapova about her love life and having a boyfriend or not, but the tennis player refused to comment:
MSh: Why are you so interested in my personal life? You want to take the vacant post?
Nosy Reporter: Well, you are always on the road. It must be very hard alone..
MSh: I am not alone. My dog is with me. And sorry, but you cannot replace her.
Well, she surely told him off;)

Anyway we got a little bit interested in the doggy subject and did some research, the result of which is a statement that Sharapova seems to be in love with dogs!
In a recent interview for German Vanity Fair issue Maria said:
"If I ever love a man as much as my dog, the guy will have a real problem, because I am all over that dog".
Apparently any suitors will have it though.. ;)

We've also found last year's Canon commercial featuring Maria and her doggy Dolce..
well... not exactly... cause the dog you see in the commercial is not actually Sharapova's real pet! It's a stand-in!
makes you wonder.. did the real Dolce demand too high a fee for the ad???

Here's the commercial with not-the-real-Dolce and -hopefully- the real Maria:

and here's a photo of the actual pet:



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