Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Philippoussis has a new girlfriend

If only Mark Philippoussis would have so much luck on the tennis courts as he has with beautiful women's hearts, he would by now be the number one player in the world. When it comes down to the game of love, the Aussie is unbeaten. Having bounced out of his reality TV relationship with Age of Love winner Amanda Salinas, the ultimate playboy has already a new flame on his side.

Her name is Siobhan Parekh and you could saftely say she's an mirror image of Mark's last girlfriend Alexis Barbara. Because we all got kinda lost in Mark's love choices, let's catch-up with his last few girlfriends, so that you know, who is who in Scud's love-life.
Here they are:

This is Alexis...
and this is Jen...
Meet Mia:This is the new one, Siobhan:
This one is Amanda:

And we all of course remember Delta Goodrem:
Gosh Mark, now we understand, why you don't wanna play tennis anymore... ;)


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