Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Water actually...

Practice, practice, practice together with a bit of talent is definitelly essential for a player to be among the top players in the world... But have You ever thought about water as a very important ingredient in the "success-in-tennis recipe"?
It doesn't make us wonder since we also wouldn't see this as so important...

"Hydration is obviously essential in this heat, and I actually begin the process the day before a match by drinking two or three liters of water in the afternoon and evening, before my match I will drink another one-and-half liters."- said Ana Ivanovic.

The other thing she has added to our recipe is..... her alarm clock!

"Getting up in good time is obviously the most important thing, so that you can relax and go through your routine - eating, stretching, warm-up and tactical planning - in good time" said the tennis beauty.

Ana! If it's all about drinking and getting up at the proper time, why don't we have more amazing players? ;-) Oh, we're just kidding! We know that without thehard work, you wouldn't have achieved so much, but to be honest - we find those two factors surprising and astonishing!

BTW nice photo, Ana ;-)


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