Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's party time

It's definitely not the best year for Rafael Nadal. Although he captured first ever Australian Open title, from that moment on everything got worse. Serious knees injury appeared again, his parents got divorced, he lost in the 4th round of his favourite French Open and was forced to withdraw from Wimbledon. The Clay King cameback strongly during US Open reaching semifinal, but he got another injury. This time he had abdominal problems.

During those weeks that he spend at home, when he couldn't even play tennis, Rafa had a lot of free time. As it seems from the pictures, Rafa went to some really good parties...

Let us remind you what did Nadal say when asked during US 09 about being drunk:
Axèle: Do you smoke and have you ever been drunk?
RN: Never smoke, I really hate it, and I have not been really drunk.

Really? ;)
Good to see that Rafa had some fun!


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Anonymous said...

Niiiice time we go cannot have all the girls just for you :P