Friday, August 21, 2009

Srichaphan postpones his comeback

Former world No. 9 Paradorn Srichaphan made it perfectly clear, that he isn't ready to give hung up his racquet yet. The Thai, who was the first ever Asia-born player to make it to the top 10, plans to be fully back on the tour in 2010.

Srichaphan, who hasn't played on the ATP Tour since March 2007 due to a wrist injury, originaly wanted to come back last year, but the rehab didn't go as quickly as planned. He then, was scheduled to play at Thailand Open, but the 33 year old said it is more likely, that he'll start his comeback in the 2010 season.

"I'm not going to quit. I just want to be back when I'm really ready. My wrist is getting better but not good enough to let me hit like I used to. I wanted to come back in the Thailand Open but at this stage the chance to play any match this year is 50 per cent."

Being asked, if it will be possible for him to play again at the top 100 level at the age of 30, Srichaphan wasn't in doubt, he could once again make it happen.

"Age is nothing but a number. I have a protected ranking (top 80) and can use it anytime."

Good luck, Paradorn. Seriously!


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