Friday, May 8, 2009

Damir Dokic and his daughter Jelena S04 E11

Two days ago Damir Dokic has made a bomb threat at the Australian ambassy in Belgrade over daughter Jelana Dokic's accusations of physical abuse. Crazy Damir made a phone call to the embassy threatening an attack against the ambasador.

Later on, Dokic called the Serbian newspaper Blic and said he planned to fight the Australian embassy in court rather than with a "rocket".

"I am giving up the idea of an attack on the ambassador" Dokic said.
"Instead of using a rocket, I will fight them in the court. I am saying this not because I am afraid of arrest or something, but because all I said yesterday to Blic [threatening to attack the embassy] was said under high emotion".

This crazy daddy had some similar stories before. At the Australian Open in 2006, Damir Dokic threatened to kidnap Jelena and drop "a nuclear bomb on Sydney" after his daughter returned to competing for Australia.

Meanwhile, in Serbian newspaper Vecernje Novosti, Damir Dokic attempts to defend his past treatment of daughter Jelana.

"If I was ever a little bit more aggressive towards Jelena, it was for her sake" said Damir. "When I was young, I was beaten by my parents, and I am now thankful to them for that, because that helped me to become the right person."
"Anyway, is there any parent who didn't do that at least once or twice, of course - for the sake of their children and their future?"

Yestarday Damir Dokic was cought by the police. He will spend now 30 days in jail while an investigation is carried out into his threats against the Australian ambassador in Belgrade.
The police also searched his apartment and found seven hunting rifles, a gun and a bomb.

Serbian police said Dokic's trial would be organised as quickly as possible.
"He has been charged with endangering the security and if guilty he would face up to three years in prison" they said.

Gosh. It's really better to arrest him for more than 30 days. It is awful and pathetic what he does and it seems to be a never ending story.


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