Friday, April 17, 2009

No Pepsi for Sharapova

Former world No.1 Maria Sharapova is starting to feel, that not playing tennis, ain't good for her. A shoulder injury has put her out of contention since August last year. She's now only No.53 in the rankings and this may be the reason, why Pepsi decided not to extend the contract with the Russian.

“There is no particular reason other than that the contract has ended, with both parties mutually deciding to go their own way.” - said a spokesman for Pepsi.

In 2007 Sharapova signed a deal with PepsiCo's Gatorade and Tropicana brands. It was worth a reported $1 Million. What's significant, Gatorade, a Pepsi brand, struck a deal last year with tennis rival Serena Williams, who joined Tiger Woods and retired basketball star Michael Jordan to endorse its products.

But she wouldn't be herself, had she not a back-up plan. Maria signed a deal with Unilever. She will now advertize for dandruff shampoo - Clear.

It seems like Maria has a Clear plan...


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