Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sela says "it's also the fault of Shahar"

Isreal's best singles player Dudi Sela shared some views on Shahar Peer's visa denial. He partly blaimed his countrywoman for the scandal, that had developed after the UAE didn't grant Peer the visa.

"I think it's a pity they didn't let Shahar play, but it's also the fault of Shahar, because she asked for the visa a few [days or two weeks] before. The average person, if you want to go, you do it [several] months before." - said the Israeli

Sela, though being critical of Peer admitted, the whole situation was unnecessary.

"Even though, it's still bad. It's sports, not war. Everybody should play.''

He also shared his view on an eventual boycott from the WTA players.

"If it was two weeks before and not two days before then they should do what you say, boycott the tournament, but they were already there and spent a lot of money to come there.''

Sela's close friend on the ATP World Tour, Marcos Baghdatis, said he would support a boycott, had the UAE not given Andy Ram the visa.

"Yes, why not?. Even if I was playing there. I'd arrange for every player to get half points, the same points, and just cancel the tournament. It's ridiculous to have politics in sports. We're not in politics; we're in sport. You have to give everybody a chance to play.''

One little visa, such a big mess...


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