Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Safin's last tango in Paris

Former world No.1 Marat Safin is now certain not only that he's gonna hung up his racquet, he now even knows when. The Paris Masters in November, where he won 3 times, will be the last event of his rollercoaster career.

bye-bye Marat

After attending this season with a brand new attitude, he must have felt like he would do better then over the last few years. The Russian wanted to get the pressure off his shoulders by going into the matches with no expectations, only wanting to enjoy it. The question is - how much will you enjoy it if you constantly lose?

After losing in the first round in Dubai to Richard Gasquet 3/6 7/5 3/6, the two time Grand Slam champion is now on a three match losing streak.

"Paris, that's where we'll have to make it the last tournament, a tournament where I play the best tennis, where I won the Davis Cup. So I would love to say bye-bye there"

Safin also added it would be nice to actually win the tournament (his last title being the Australian Open 2005). He wouldn't be himself, if he hadn't turned it into a joke...

"Of course, I have to agree with all the players and make it happen. A nice farewll, bye-bye, and well, just win the tournament and just a present for me. I will give away the prize money to everybody"

The ATP World Tour surely won't be the same without Marat. Who will take over his legacy as the top entertainer and racquet smasher...?


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