Monday, January 26, 2009

Vera Dementieva is sick

Olympic champion Elena Dementieva is the hottest player on WTA Tour right now. She's on a 14 match winning streak and looking in contention to grab her maiden Grand Slam title, but the Russian superstar isn't entirely happy, because she can't share this wave of success with her beloved mother. Dementieva revealed that her mother Vera's sickness has kept her from making the trip to Australia with her.

There are at least three things you can name when you're thinking of Elena Dementieva:
a weak serve, impeccable groundstrokes and her mother Vera sitting in the crowd with a worried face like she'd just seen an innocent deer being massacred. Elena very often underlines, that her mother is her best friend. That's why it must be a very strange feeling having to play tennis knowing her mum's not that well.

"I feel good, the only thing I miss is my mum because she always travels with me. She couldn't come this time because of medical reasons, she doesn't feel good and it feels strange without her and even when I come to the locker room, people are asking where's my mum." said Dementieva

"People have been asking why I've been playing so good, I'm just trying to please my mum. I just want her to feel just a little better. She has done such a good job helping me for all these years and she is always with me - she's my mum," she said.

Dementieva didn't want to reaveal what excatly was the case and if it was serious or whather she will soon join Elena on tour.

Let's keep our fingers crossed we can see Vera's anxious looks soon on the Tour again! Maybe Lena can win the Aussie Open crown for her mother. We know she's extra motivated...


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Ryan said...

This is nice post - Get well Soon Vera, I'm sure Elena Can win for you!