Friday, April 11, 2008

Serbian duo is into Hollywood actors

After having Jelena Jankovic make her Hollywood conections after the Miami final last week, now we have another Serb willing to be linked with an Hollywood actor. World No.2 Ana Ivanovic said she likes spending spare time watching television series Prison Break and out of all people that have ever lived she would like to spend a day with handsome Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller. The Prison Break star would like to meet Ana Ivanovic too. Wentworth said he would be honored to meet one of the most beautiful and most successful female tennis players.

A fan asked Ana Ivanovic on her official website: "If you can meet someone, just for one day, famous or not, living or dead, who would it be and why?"

"Wentworth Miller!" was Ana's immidiete reply

Then, on the Entertainment Channel Wentworth Miller was asked whether he knew who Ana Ivanovic was and what he thought about her. He said that you didn’t have to follow tennis to know about Ana. He said she was one of the most successful tennis players, and certainly one of the most beautiful athletes too.

Wentworth is glad Ana likes him, and he thanked her for the compliment. He said that unfortunately they hadn’t met, but added that he would like that to happen.


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