Wednesday, April 9, 2008

JJ & Woody - Part 2

World No.3 Jelena Jankovic was never shy of cameras and of the Hollywood glow. That's why, it ain't no surprise, that after the Miami final, she went on a dinner with Hollywood stars Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and... Woody Harrelson.

Woody and Owen were seen watching the Miami final. Fighting off all those break and match points didn't prevent Jankovic from spotting them too.

After the rollercoaster match world No.3 Jankovic met them.

"After the final was over, I got to meet actors Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson. They were accompanied with their producer since they are making a movie here in Miami. They came to watch the match and they seem to enjoy tennis. All of them invited me to have dinner with them so I accepted the invitation. They are really great individuals and I had a great laugh with them. They are outgoing and very natural which I really liked. I am very communicative and I like when others are like that as well."

So after making her already famous words: ("I was thinking that one of the actors was in that movie, if you know, 'White Men Can't Jump', I was feeling when I was playing that match, I thought, 'White Girls Can't Play'."), which were adressed to Woody Harrelson, we are starting to wonder, if there's something more going on...

How angry and jealous is Jamie Murray right now... ???


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