Wednesday, March 5, 2008

UK: Hingis will play, Black may not

You may ask yourself:
"Did I missed out on some ban-cases lately?"
"Did Hingis eventually win her doping-case?"
"When the heck did Cara Black fail a doping test?"
Here is the clarification:

The former world No.1 Martina Hingis retired last year after being tested positive for cocaine (after losing her 3rd round match to Laura Granville at Wimbledon 2007). The swiss player received a two-year ban.

Although the five time Grand Slam champion can't play any matches on the WTA Tour, she is allowed to play exhibitions. That's why Hingis decided to take her chance and participate in the Wimbledon warm-up tournament in Liverpool, an invitational event, that is not part of the WTA Tour. Tournament director Anders Borg said

"I have heard a lot about Liverpool over the years and all the fine work they have done up there to develop tennis in a region that is mostly famous for football," . said Hingis

"I am very much looking forward to playing the event and to visit all the things that have made Liverpool the European Capital of Culture."

Tournament director Anders Borg said: "It is a great boost for us to have Martina playing in Liverpool. She still has a lot to offer the world of tennis and we are just very pleased we can take advantage of that."

***While Hingis, the banned player may play in UK, there is a possibility the current doubles No.1 player in the world Cara Black may not be allowed to.
The Zimbabwean may not be able to defend her Wimbledon title, because the british government is considering to ban any Zimbabwean from competing at a sports event in the UK.
This is of course the most radical way of preventing the Zimbabwean cricket team from touring England next summer.

Although Cara Black hasn't done anything wrong, the situation could have it's effects on the tennis world. For the prolific tennis-players sake, let's hope none of this will happen, 'coz it would be a great shame!


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