Monday, March 3, 2008

Thank U 4 everything Vera!

After winning Dubai Elena Dementieva had many reasons to be happy.
Not only did she beat the No.2 and No.3 player in the world, she also made a successful return to the worlds Top 10. On top of it Dementieva recieved a check for a quarter million dollars for the tournament win. Finishing the final against Kuznetsova with a spectacular forehand crosscourt, Lena spontaneously kissed the ground. She was ecstatic.

Still, tough, she seemed to be speechless, Dementieva knew exactly who too thank for all what she has achieved. She gave all the credit to her mother - Vera, who is travelling with Lena to every tournament the Russian is participating in. Vera Dementieva is listed as Elena's couch and is sitting in the crowd and tensly watching every match of her daughter.

"She is the most important person in my life and all that I have today I owe it to her. I love to see her smile and it is a real pleasure for me to see that she is happy," Elena said.

"She has sacrificed so much for my sake and I know that she is more tense than I am," she joked.

It's a very moving story - the child reaches for her dreams with the help and support of his mother, but the Argwus-Team found some evidence, that the coin always has two sides and it ain't always that pretty as it all seems. Looking at this picture you get an impression, what exactly Elena means by saying "sacrifice"...

And if she really so deeply loves to see her mother smile, then why does she scream at her after every forehand or backhand, that lands wide... ???



Anonymous said...

damn, your site is so fucking good!! Hope you'll keep it's quality for a long time!

maiz said...

I looked for some references to Vera Drake in this one... but thank God I didn't find them ;p