Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hewitt angry about lies

Australians best, Lleyton Hewitt has lashed out at the media over the amount of coverage given to his soap-star wife Bec and their young daughter.

"We are on the front cover of a certain level of magazine every week," Hewitt told The Times newspaper.

"The last story was 'Bec's Breakdown', full of lies and made-up quotes, but then a lot of people believe it.

"It's hard to deal with it all, which is why I don't like having to leave them alone."

"Whatever people might think, I'm really a shy, down-to-earth lad who just likes being with my mates and whose favourite way of spending a weekend is a family barbecue."

Hewitt's outburst comes amid reports Bec Hewitt was spotted leaving the Nine Network's Sydney studios, sparking speculation her husband could be one of the first celebrities profiled in the new series of This Is Your Life.


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