Sunday, March 2, 2008

Federer unsure about the Olympics

When the 2008 season started Roger Federer had two goals - finally win the French Open (in order to achieve the career Grand Slam) and collect the gold medal at the Olympics in Beijing.After surprisingly losing to Tomas Berdych in the Athens Olympics in 2004, the current world No.1 showed how dissapointed he was with this loss, but now he has cast doubt on whether he would play in the Beijing Olympic Games in August.
"It was quite difficult in Athens," Federer said. "Taking the bus and not being in control of my own schedule, and many people recognising me in the village.

"It was not as enjoyable as Sydney, which I loved. I still have not made up my mind (whether to play in Beijing)," he added, perhaps concerned as to whether there would be traffic and commuting problems for visiting athletes.

Asked about the inconvenience of being so often recognised, Federer elaborated by saying: "Every time I go to eat everyone taps on your shoulder. I don't mind it but I wish it was different one day of the week."

So there we are - Roger is tired of the starlite starlife, but still plans to play for another 10 years.
Maybe it's time to face the facts Roger - you're don't want to play in Beijing, coz you're affraid that you might never gonna be an olympic champion, so maybe you should also avoid the French Open! We all know, you're never gonna make it happen there...


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