Thursday, January 24, 2008

Squeaking shoes

After loosing in the semifinal Daniela Hantuchova (9) complained that her opponent- Serbian beauty- Ana Ivanovic didn't play fair. Hantuchova claims, that the way world No.4 has been moving her feet before returning the ball (which resulted in a loud infuriating noise), was really off-putting and distracting.

"That was ridiculous, I think," Hantuchova told reporters.
"I was really surprised with that. I think it's unfair. It's a distraction to the server. We played before and she never did it."
Hantuchova said she had complained to umpire Alison Lang.
"In the first or second service game (she told the umpire), but she didn't do anything about it. I don't think that (the squeaking) was very nice."
Ivanovic wards off: "I just tried to move my feet, to return the ball, so it really was not intentional. If you see other matches I was doing exactly the same thing. It's just the way these courts play. And if you listen to the guys I think they're doing the same thing."
Daniela! We know it's difficult to get over loosing in the semis, especially if we consider the fact, that you were leading 6-0 2-0 but hey! This is what sport is all about! You need to face the truth: Maybe Ana was just a bit better than You?


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