Monday, January 28, 2008

Sampras selling his house

Pete Sampras and his wife, actress Bridgette Wilson are about to sell their house in Beverly Hills for $25 million. The Argwus-Team made some research, just that U get to know, what's so special about a residence that's about to be sold for such an unbelievably high price.

See, the thing is, that the mansion has got 5 bedrooms. It may not seem a lot for such rich people, but the real deal is, that it has got 12 bathrooms. We made out calculations and that would make more than two bathrooms for each bedroom. Other perks include a detached guesthouse, a gym, a theater, a pool, a putting green and a tennis court.
Well, now U know what's so special about that residence, but U start to wonder, what was wrong with this family that they needed so many bathrooms... Did they pee so often?
Go figure it out ;)



sampras said...

I love Sampras! He is the best!

maiz said...

well, I think I know someone who doesn't have to pee so often as Pete does...;p
but hey, next time try to be more tollerant to some ppl's problems which YOU may not understand!!