Friday, January 25, 2008

Roger Federer vs U.S.A.

After another solid performance by Roger against James Blake in quaterfinal of Australian Open 2008 something came to our minds.
Four straight majors — a whole Grand Slam’s worth — have been played now without an American reaching the semifinals. But, if you consider the strength of American tennis you could expect such a poor result.
Both A-Rod and James when it comes to handling real pressure, they are completely weak. Although, Roddick won one major (US Open 2003), it was at the time when there was nobody as good as Fed, Rafa or Djoko. And for James to reach a semifinal of Grand Slam it sounds like a mission impossible.
Ofcourse there are some young guns, such as Querrey, Isner and Young, but still the future of their tennis is not very colourful.
To sum up this short conclusion - since 2003 the Americans have faced Federer 41 times — and lost 41 times.

But, wait a second. That's not completely true. Do you remember december 2007?
Yes, there was a guy called Pete Sampras, and he actually managed to beat Federer. He even did it in straight sets ;)


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