Tuesday, January 22, 2008

QFs: episode #1

Funny how they always come so quickly,
funny how you know exactly when it's gonna happen,
but still end up being surprised "already?!"..
The quarterfinals.Yep, we're already half way through the tournament and most of the players have been sent home to practise those volleys a little more ;)
And among the ones that are still here are the AO 2008 champions..
But who will win that very last point of the tournament? Who will be in all the sports newspapers on Monday? Who's gonna take a nice check back home? Who's gonna have the perfect start of the 2008 season..?
Whoooa! Hold your horses, mate!
Before we get a bit carried awy - first the quarters, m'kay? ;)
And they look pretty interesting. The today's menu includes 4 singles QFs and Argwus' Analyst SuperSquad (who are still working on a better name for themselves, cause the abbreviation doesn't seem to fit their prestige...) is here to tell you just exactly what to expect!

Henin Vs Sharapova:
Henin leads the head-to-head statistics by 6 to 2, but Maria's been looking really confident so far this week. In her 4 short matches she has played 100 winners, which gives her an impressive 1.56 winner per game played.

Serena Vs Jelena:
The ladies are tied at 2-2, but - mind you - their last meeting was at the AO 2007 and Williams won in 2 straight sets.

Rafa Vs Jarko:
they played each other 3 times and it was always the Spaniard getting the best of the Finn, but none of those matches was on hard court.
Still Nadal seems to be the dead cert favourite, plus fatigue might come into play cause Nieminen has been on court over 3 hours longer than Nadal.

Tsonga Vs Youzhny:
First of all, this is the battle that no mentally healthy human being could have predicted at the beginning of the week.
Secondly, the two have never played each other at an ATP event.
And finally: the bookies have it 1.45 for Mikhail and 2.3 for Jo'.
So... expect the unexpected!

Now forward march! To the TVs!


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