Sunday, January 20, 2008


Have You ever wondered where do the players live during the Aussie Open Grand Slam?
You have to know, that we were terribly determined to see the hotel, where all the on-court stars spend their time, while getting ready for their tennis battles.... For us there are no barriers!! We sent our Research-team with the mission to take some pictures and info about the Grand Hyatt Melbourne Hotel. As always-----> all for You, loyall readers of argwus website.
Hyatt Hotel offers 548 rooms, swimming pool, tennis court (but we are not sure, whether the players really play there :-) ), spa and even a Victiorian Arts Centre just for the players. I guess we don't have to add that the standard of the hotel is the highest one You have ever dreamt off...
And now just take a look at some pictures taken by our crew!

Any questions?
idn't think so.... It was rather obvious for us, that noone wants to leave Aussie Open too early, but after taking a look at the accomodation reserved for the players, right now we have no doubts that leaving Melbourne, after just about 2 or 3 days spent in this luxury hotel has to be really, REALLY hard...


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